Product #: CPHPC128C

Weight: 36


HydrOxi Pro® Concentrated oxidizing multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer for hard, non-porous surfaces. Four versatile dilutions satisfy all general cleaning needs in any environment. Available in 1 gallon size or case of 4 one gallon solutions. Available also as part of a complete cleaning system including easy to use dispensers, spray bottles and instructional bilingual charts (see clea105). One more step in helping the environment by offering safer alternatives to standard janitorial cleaning systems and programs. For use on: Windows, mirrors, walls, floors, bathrooms, shower rooms, tile & grout, carpet, & kitchen. Dilute with 1 oz. tap water per gallon of Hydroxi Pro for light duty applications and 10 oz. tap water per gallon of Hydroxi Pro for heavy duty applications (see label). Why HydrOxi Pro® Concentrated Cleaner? - One product to purchase - One product to inventory and distribute - One MSDS sheet - One OSHA training - Bilingual cleaning and safety instructions - Increased safety - Cost effective and easy training - Attacks grease with low residue - Streak-free glass cleaning - Restores grout without harsh acids - Complete carpet care program - Eliminates odors - Low V.O.C.'s for improved air quality - Natural orange oil Most neutral Quat based floor cleaners and general wipe down cleaners leave some residue. That residue in restroom tile, grout or counter top corners contributes to the build-up or organics creating a place for bacteria, pollen, mold spores and other indoor airborne contaminates to hide. Normal routine mopping day after day, week after week continues to leave minute amounts of residue behind. Hydroxi Pro® leaves virtually no residue to build up and hold in dirt and contaminates therefore leaving the surface cleaner, fresher longer. Even though Hydroxi Pro® contains Hydrogen Peroxide, it is not EPA registered as a sanitizer or Disinfectant. A quaternary ammonium (Quat) should be used when disinfecting a restroom to wipe down: toilet seats, flushers, handles on faucets, doorknobs, levers on paper towel holders, hand dryers, or other areas where bacteria, viruses, (herpes, influenza and HIV) and other infectious contaminates are likely to be. Hydroxi Pro® is a reduced toxicity cleaner formulated for windows, floors, carpet and general surface wipe down. It meets Green Seal's Environmental Standard for industrial and cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog potential. Hydroxi Pro® has a very low VOC, no artificial lingering fragrance, dyes or carcinogens to contribute to poor indoor air quality. Using one chemical with four basic water dilutions, you can do virtually all your cleaning tasks. These four dilutions are needed to complete a total cleaning system for glass, general surface wipe down, carpet care, heavy degreasing, mineral deposits and odor elimination. Ingredients: Proprietary blend of water, hydrogen peroxide, surfactants and orange oils. Always wear protective barrier when handling including eye protection and gloves.